Georg von Mitzlaff
director list

For Georg the goal in directing film is giving character to every project he approaches. Character to him is tickling different senses and orchestring the different filmatic tools in a way that it feels unexpected and extraordinary.

For his little Godzilla Remake GIANT THIRST for the Fiat 500 the guideline was to mix old school and state of the art techniques to create something totally new. With this in mind, he got an actor in a rubber monster suit to crash around a set (a very unpleasant task), with 3D cameras hidden enhance the affect.

His film NOHAIR on the contrary is full of elegance and charm with a dry twist in the end. It premiered in competition at the 2011 Cannes YDA where it won Georg the Young Directors Award. A LIA and Mobius Award followed shortly after.

He got into film in the old school way, working as runner and later as assistant director on several international Film productions, Music videos and Commercials in Europe and the USA. He graduated from german Filmacadmy LUDWIGSBURG in 2010. One of the finest places to learn film hands on all over Germany. Not to mention, one of the finest places to leave in a hurry after finishing! That brought him to Berlin. Where he found and married German actress Rebecca Mosselman, with whom he has one son, Gustav.