Ben Falk
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Benjamin has always had a huge interest in film, which led to him getting his first running job at the age of twelve. He never looked back and after completing school he immediately became a camera assistant, working on documentaries across Europe and to Asia, even, in one case, taking him to the top of the Himalayas!

Returning to the UK, he moved into production. Working at several of London’s leading production companies and with many established directors. He began directing in a duo with Josiah Newbolt during this period. Together they have shot dozens of music videos, documentaries, commercials, and short films. They continue to work together, but also enjoy directing on separate projects.

Benjamin has developed his own unique style and can employ his vision using a host of in camera and post production techniques and technologies. He stands out in capturing beautiful images and movement in both stop frame animation and live-action, often in very fast moving situations. He has won many international awards and we eagerly await the autumn release of his animation work on the forth coming feature film of Graham Chapman’s life, A Liars Autobiography.